Polyester or MicroPP T-shirt printing

  • Price:
  • ₹99.00 (GST included)
Material GSM
T-shirt size


This fabric T-shirt is a good choice for the event, celebration, or one-time use at the conference. It feels comfortable, and its texture gives a premium look.

Product detail:
Fabric: Polyester, Micro PP
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color: White, Black, Parrot green, Navy blue, Red, Orange, Light yellow. You can contact our sales representative for any other color requirements.
Printing method: Sublimation on light color and DTF on dark color
Delivery time: within two days - depends on stock availability.

Please note the price varies depending on t-shirt color and printing method. You can call our number and confirm the pricing before finalizing your order.

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