PHP most used, least loved

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According to many online surveys, almost 75% of websites use PHP as their backend programming language. But still, many developers hate it. Why? Nobody can give a correct answer.

To support the PHP programming language, we created four design variations to promote this problem. We request all PHP developers to show their love for this language - after all, it is reliable for many use cases, and you can not deny it.

The following is the product information:

Material: A soft cotton fabric.
Printing method: DTF - a reliable mechanism to print on cotton fabric.
Color: Gray, Red, Yellow - the fabric color may vary from the photo used.
Country of origin: Made in India.
Washable: Yes, you should use light detergent on cotton fabric. It increases the fabric and design life.

How can I order in bulk?

If you want to purchase the T-shirt for your company and your quantity is more than 10 T-shirts, you can email at Our representative will give you the detailed information.

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